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Latest Guidance for Indoor & Outdoor Competitions (8th January 2021)

Statement by UKA & the HCAFs regarding equal access to Cross Country competition distances (22-12.2020)


1st Cut of 2020 Officials Conference (video)

Statement By UKA And The HCAFs Regarding Off Track Competitions  (24th November 2020)

New Strategy Document from UKA & the Home Countries

MAFEO members in action!!

A download version of the UKA Rule book for 2020-22 is available from UKA website or here

New Disqualification Rule Numbers from World Athletics

UKA Rules 2020-22 Supplementary Guidance

Changes to 700g & 500g Javelin Specifications (2020 Rules)

A download version of the World Athletics (IAAF) Rule book in force from 1st November 2019 may be downloaded from the World Athletics site or from here World Athletics Rules

Javelin Validity Video (March 2007)

Javelin Validity Workshop 2019

UK Track & Field venues – TrackMark status map (Outdoor Only)

Information on Facility and Event Safety

UKA Conduct Report Form

Your Committee for 2021

What GDPR Means to you and your Club

New Officials Structure - from 1st April 2016

MAFEO AGM / MCAA Conference 2014 (downloads)

Accident Form pdf
(Online UKA Forms)

Stock Items Available to MAFEO members

Seeding Workshop 2017 - updated for 2018 pdf or Powerpoint 97-2003 or Powerpoint 2007-2016

Almost time to renew your Licence? Need a new DBS check? How to renew Your DBS



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